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No fun allowed.

It just keeps on happening.

Really don’t feel like writing another part of Caves today. Kind of burned out. Got a lot of things done for the school project today, pretty much wrapped it up. All that’s left now is the presentation on Thursday, and then it’s all done. Summer vacation. Fucking finally. The best part there is that the project’s finally over. Even better than summer vacation, go figure.

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24 06 13

Muscle pain

When just being tired isn’t good enough for you!

Muscle pains folks, let’s talk about ’em. They’re a great indicator you’ve gotten your move on, put those muscles to the work they’re intended for. You’ve had a good workout, pushed yourself, possibly to the limits even. You’re now stronger than you were before. Well, not now exactly. You need to give them a good rest first, that’s what they’re trying to tell you now, by aching and being generally annoying.

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23 06 13

Pool Paradise

Great day out at the “Aqua Mundo”, one of the better places to go swimming over here.

What’s to say? We got there, first thing we heard was bad news. “The wild water track is out of order, sorry.” (I have no idea what you’d call a wild water track, that’s the closest I’m going to get.) Well fuck, that’s basically the best fucking thing they have there. Huge bummer, but hey, the price was reduced by five bucks a person, so at least we had money for food?

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But is that really all I do?

My days consist mostly of my placing my ass in a chair, and then doing stuff on a device on the desk it is sat at. I often joke about this, use it as a reason to display more “sportsy” behavior, like biking instead of taking the bus, or standing in the bus if I do take it. Truth be told, I really don’t care if I sit all day long or not (even though a standing desk would be pretty cool). What does bother me though, is how this can be used to take a jab at me.

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I continue to be amazed with how long I’ve been keeping this up. Last part goes here, in case you missed it.

Mitchell and Andrea had safely escorted Derrik back to town. It had been quite late already, so after receiving their ₩700 and splitting it up evenly, they went home. It wasn’t much, but Mitchell could afford staying another week at the inn. Meanwhile, Derrik had gone to deliver the sample of the strange rock he had collected to the research institute, for further examination. The health of the forest was a pretty important matter, after all.

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