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Sick fires
24 06 13

Muscle pain

When just being tired isn’t good enough for you!

Muscle pains folks, let’s talk about ’em. They’re a great indicator you’ve gotten your move on, put those muscles to the work they’re intended for. You’ve had a good workout, pushed yourself, possibly to the limits even. You’re now stronger than you were before. Well, not now exactly. You need to give them a good rest first, that’s what they’re trying to tell you now, by aching and being generally annoying.

It’s cool and all, knowing you did a good job of exercising, but the pains aren’t exactly convenient. You may need to put forward some physical efforts at work the next day. Still very much possible, but not super comfortable.

I myself don’t mind the feeling of muscle pain. It doesn’t hurt, it rather… feels weird, I guess? Yeah, the “tired body” effect is there, but it often feels pretty nice, slowly moving those muscles, rubbing ’em, what have you. I laid in bed all morning (until a certain someone called me while I was half-asleep, rude) and during the moments I was awake, the feeling of stretching those muscles up, and then rolling around in bed, it was great.

The bump on my head keeps getting bigger though.
~ Fang


  • 24/06/2013 (11:19 PM)

    Well I told you this would happen. You should feel better probably by as early as tomorrow though and you’re still able to move and write so it’s not too bad.

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