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15 06 13

Loon for all

So apparently Google’s going to test out something new. And it’s a pretty cool idea actually.

Project Loon is essentially an effort by Google to get internet to the world. Like, all of it. Contrary to popular belief, two thirds of the world’s population is still without internet. Google intends to change that. Project Loon, if the pilot runs successfully, will bring internet access to those who currently don’t have it… using balloons. Yep.

It sounds crazy, but it’s actually a neat project. It works by having a bunch of balloons in the air, that all connect to each other, and in that way are connected to a ground station, linking them up to the internet. If you want to use these floating routers, so to say, you’ll need a special receptor mounted on your house, that kind of looks like a balloon. Yeah, they’ve got a theme going pretty strongly.

Freaking cool, I say. They’ll soon be running a pilot in New Zealand (sign up for it if you live there!) and if that goes well they’ll launch ’em in other areas. Internet can create a ton of new opportunities for areas that currently don’t have so, so it’s a great initiative, and I’d love to see it succeed.

If you’re interested in some of the finer details, check out Google’s page on it, Loon for all. Tells you some things about how they use the winds in the stratosphere to keep the balloons in place or move them to specific locations, amongst other things.

Can’t wait ’til we get server running in balloons. We’ll really be “in the cloud” then, eh!
~ Fang


  • 16/06/2013 (2:17 AM)

    But…but…this is such a cool idea…and I don’t like Google. The Boulder is conflicted. Seriously though it does sound like a pretty cool idea and Google actually are generally nice when it comes to giving computers and the internet to the world at large.

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