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18 06 13

I’m so hot

Correction, everything’s so fucking hot.

So, high temperatures out of nowhere are now a thing. It happened today, and it’s said to happen tomorrow as well. Fuck. If there’s anything I hate about summer it’s the absurdly high temperatures that make everything sweaty and sticky, and you’ll feel tired and like shit for the entire day. If you’re lucky you can keep your room at a cool temperature, keeping the heat out. If not, you’re out of luck. You can’t really go anywhere, either, since outside is like a fucking oven, you’ll sweat your head off if you didn’t already die from exhaustion.

Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but I still have a pretty low tolerance for heat. Luckily, using my sixth sense, I discovered that a friend’s throwing a small pool party. Guess who’ll be joining in to relax and cool off! They pushed me into coming by bike though. That’s a 30-minute ride… if I go fast. And as I said, it’ll be hot tomorrow as well. Guess I’ll be leaving an hour in advance so I can take my time.

The heat makes it hard to do stuff, I get burnt out so easily. I’ll keep on trucking though. I’ll just keep on trucking.
~ Fang

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