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What time is it?

But is that really all I do?

My days consist mostly of my placing my ass in a chair, and then doing stuff on a device on the desk it is sat at. I often joke about this, use it as a reason to display more “sportsy” behavior, like biking instead of taking the bus, or standing in the bus if I do take it. Truth be told, I really don’t care if I sit all day long or not (even though a standing desk would be pretty cool). What does bother me though, is how this can be used to take a jab at me.

It’s not even so much that people are doing it (it rarely happens, and is usually just my sister bitching), more that there’s the possibility of them doing it. I don’t want to be seen as that useless NEET that sits behind his computer all day playing video games and browsing the internet. I don’t want to be seen like that, because that’s not what I do. Yet I always feel like some people have a rough time believing I actually do school, work, and hobbying that may one day earn me the big bucks. I have the tendency to see people as old-fashioned, incapable of seeing that a computer’s more than just another entertainment device to fill the bland pieces of the easily bored society of today.

I like to think I’m an active, productive fellow, even though this doesn’t always hold true. I’m no bum, I don’t leech off of my parents for nothing, I do have ambitions I try to follow through. Even if all you see me doing is playing video games, you only walk in two or three times a day. How can you know I spend my other moments? You know nothing, don’t be so hasty to judge.

But you don’t judge. I’m just being paranoid.
~ Fang


  • 23/06/2013 (2:19 PM)

    I do too.

    Took 10 minutes today and moved myself a little. Some pushups and stuff. This is .. I guess .. the first time I’ve done this in a month or so. At least, if I don’t count those 30+30 min walks to work and back.

    Thank you.

  • 22/06/2013 (11:56 PM)

    A paranoid person is just someone who hasn’t been proven right. Although I really know how you feel. I too sit on my ass all day but I also go to the gym, I do get plenty done in my day. There was a time actually when a friend called me at half nine in the morning and I missed the call because they woke me up. I was afraid to admit they woke me up because most people are up by that time. She said it was all good though and she understands because I’m on a different schedule. I go to bed at about 2 in the morning (or four lately). So while some may take a jab at you for what you do, or what they perceive you do, there are plenty of people who understand.

    This may be one of the longest comments I’ve ever left you.

    Of course what you need to do is make the big bucks with your hobbying skills and then never give your sister a penny. Or whatever your equivalent to the penny is.

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