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Of a couple of things, actually.

Remember Trash Sweeper? It’s doing pretty well, both the executable and the .love file have gotten twenty downloads already! It’s not much, but hey, pretty sweet nonetheless. Especially considering one of the people who played it told me it was hilarious, what with the turds flying around when you mess up and all. Feels good when your game is being played. Feels really good.

Then there’s Caves. Have been going pretty strong with the last couple of parts, and aside from the occasional constructive criticism, I’ve gotten a lot of praise. You know, from actual writers. Actual writers telling me I did a good job. Ba-zam! That, too, feels pretty damn good. I’ll probably fuck up hard sooner or later, but hey, at least it’s all going good so far.

Despite all that, I’ve given up on the beat detection in Panic Attack for now. I got the very basic thing going, but in a pretty inefficient way (didn’t affect performance, but I bet it will on older machines). After the improved version was giving me some trouble, I decided to just put the feature on hold for now, come back to it when the game actually has some content to juice up.

Speaking of which, I started with the first art assets today. Please kill me now.
~ Fang


  • 10/06/2013 (11:24 PM)

    I would kill you but you’re yet to be a global phenomenon and so you still have some uses for me. It’s good to get twenty downloads and even have people praising it like that. With time you’ll probably end up getting a lot more overall.

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