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And let me tell you why.

I’m speaking purely from a college-experiences point of view, but I can see this going for actual companies as well. Enforcing a specific method for working on things is bad. You need to allow the team to come up with whatever they find most pleasant. If you tell them to just make do you with way of doing things, shit’ll get ugly.

For example, Scrum may be the hip new thing, but chances are not everyone will prefer working like that. Sure, the group will never agree, but you can at least try to go for a nice consensus? Settling for something people don’t like will not only endanger productivity, but it’ll also lead to lower morale. It’s like telling a carpenter he needs to fix a roof… but only using the hamer you chose, even though he has more experience and/or works better using his own hammer.

Just needed to get this little rant out there. The school project’s becoming increasingly frustrating despite us doing pretty well, and it coming to its end pretty soon. Only a week more of suffering, and then it’ll all be over. They’re essentially forcing us to do things in a very specific way, not doing so will end up with you jumping through all kinds of ridiculous hoops to get that shit fixed anyway.

Almost there.
~ Fang


  • 21/06/2013 (9:35 PM)

    Yeah, for me every-morning scrum, sprints as well as coding at work just aren’t productive. While at work, there’s multiple people always asking questions, requesting help, delegating management tasks on me, etc.

    I like it at home .. bed and fridge are close plus there’s barely anyone bothering. A great place for having the code flowing..
    Hobby coding for teh wins!

  • 20/06/2013 (11:41 PM)

    Just one more week left and then you can begin work on whatever nefarious projects you can concoct next. Perhaps some kind of virus that destroys all the teachers notes and their textbooks. That way they won’t know how you should do something themselves and just let you do it how you want.

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