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It just keeps on happening.

Really don’t feel like writing another part of Caves today. Kind of burned out. Got a lot of things done for the school project today, pretty much wrapped it up. All that’s left now is the presentation on Thursday, and then it’s all done. Summer vacation. Fucking finally. The best part there is that the project’s finally over. Even better than summer vacation, go figure.

In better news, I am currently in chat with, like, sixteen gamedev people. They do art and sound and writing and such though, and apparently they need a coder. That is, obviously, where I come in. They already got all assets, level design, story done for their game, they just need a competent coder to put it all together.

Okay, wow, that actually happened. I’m now part of a large team, and will soon be doing the final steps on their project, essentially coding the entire thing from scratch. Not too bad, it’ll look great on my portfolio, and it’s a cool learning experience, too! There’s no strict deadline, and they’re okay (I hope) with me now knowing Flash, so all’s good!

This is pretty damn awesome, let’s hope they get the assets ready for me soon. Kind of nervous, first real project I’m working on that has a team and actual quality content and all. Pumped, pumped!

~ Fang

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