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Couldn’t resist putting a “2deep4u” title there, sorry.

Today I played what has to be one of the most fun League games I’ve ever played. It was a game I played with some folks from the Practice Mode chatroom, so we had a premade team, and were probably matched against another premade because of that. Game started out pretty okay, was a bit of a bully support in bot lane (Thresh can be pretty scary), but their Blitzcrank kept making great grabs, and enemy Rammus’ ganks got us killed pretty often, too.

They got a lot of our towers, I was roaming, and noticed they were doing Dragon. An ally went in, got killed quickly, and they continued dragon. The lasting bit of vision of my ally’s corpse was fading away, but it gave me enough time to calculate when to throw my hook into the Dragon’s pit. Vision gone, hook in, BAM, “You have slain the Dragon!”. My hook did 102 damage at the time. For comparison, the Dragon had a total health of around 9000 at that time, and the enemies were hurting them good. Great timing, great steal, felt so good!

We still weren’t doing too well though, losing team fights more often than we won them, even though we managed to get Baron, too. Slowly but surely we pushed down their towers, retaliated. Our Tryndamere has been shoving top, backdooring it occasionally. Slowly got their Inhibitor, and the pressure helped us get their mid Inhibitor as well.

Continuing to lose teamfights, but we didn’t really care. We were far behind when it came to kills, but we had the enemies in a nasty corner now. We got close to their base, and huddled together in their jungle, hiding. They pushed, went away from their base. We came out of hiding, got their last inhib, pushed further, got kills, and won the game.

Even though we appeared to be losing almost the entire match, we continued to have lots of fun, and somehow managed to cheese our way to victory. When you play with random people, they usually start raging when the game doesn’t go well. But we? We just laughed our way through, which granted us our victory. Complete strangers, united through the joy of playing.

Haven’t enjoyed the game in a long time, haha. Sweet.
~ Fang


  • 01/07/2013 (2:11 PM)

    This made me wish I had more time for LoL. Like Mark, I used to be big into WoW and the guild we built up had so much fun together. Sure, we wiped just about every raid we attempted, but we laughed our asses off doing it.

  • 30/06/2013 (11:23 PM)

    Even though I’ve now played League Of Legends all I really understood about this is that you stole a kill. That ain’t cool. Anyway it’s good you had yourselves a lot of laughs. I’ve been in crews like that before. Actually one of the best new years eves I’ve had was spent on World Of Warcraft as I was with a really fun team at the time. We tried to cheat the game by logging off in such a way we stayed in the party but it didn’t work. It was a shame we lost eachother as quickly as we found eachother but good times are good times.

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