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And I was like yoooooo, calm down!

So the E3 happened. Or is still happening. Microsoft continues fucking up, Sony takes the cake with their “no restriction on game sharing” “feature”, and apparently Megaman will be in the next Super Smash Bros.? All sounds pretty cool, but hurr, console games. They’re still not showing a lot of support for indie studios, which, if I recall correctly, Sony had promised sometime earlier. Huge disappointment, but barely anyone notices since they’re still shitting their pants of the new Call a Doody which really is nothing new. (Except dogs. That’s cool I guess.)

Oh and Apple’s WWDC conference happened as well. The new Mac Pro is a fucking cylinder. People’ve been taking drugs, I tell you. iOS 7 looks neat, but the icons are piss ugly (gradients, why) and it definitely needs a “dark” theme if it wants to do your eyes any good in dimly-lit conditions. And the next OS X isn’t called OS X 10.9: Pussy, so I guess it’s time to go home.

Bleh though, I’m not all that interested. I still think handhelds are underrated, and other than the new version of OS X, there isn’t anything new I’ll be using in the near future. Not very strong on the gaming front, either. I barely ever game anymore, and when I do it’s either online with friends, or some new indie thing.

Speaking of which, I had better nab the Humble Indie Bundle before it’s over!
~ Fang

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