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Couldn’t resist putting a “2deep4u” title there, sorry.

Today I played what has to be one of the most fun League games I’ve ever played. It was a game I played with some folks from the Practice Mode chatroom, so we had a premade team, and were probably matched against another premade because of that. Game started out pretty okay, was a bit of a bully support in bot lane (Thresh can be pretty scary), but their Blitzcrank kept making great grabs, and enemy Rammus’ ganks got us killed pretty often, too.

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Caves, p14

Let’s hope I don’t crash and burn… again, like last time. (Right off the bat, first sentence is fucking shit, haha.)

One of the guys Mitchell had spotted yesterday, of the group with the big swords, walked over to Andrea’s table. ‘Yo!’ Looking at Mitchell, he raised his arm up.
Andrea turned around, saw who it was, and sighed. She threw an annoyed look at her friends and Mitchell, who was about to stand up and shake the guy’s hand.
‘So you the new kid, eh? Nigel here, may’ve hearda me.’ He shook Mitchell’s hand, but kept his head at its highest while doing so.
‘Mitchell. Sorry, haven’t heard of you.’
‘Wussat? Probs cause you hangin’ with the weak folk, ha. Lame stuff ain’t it, Scouting? Can’t do shit, I tell ya.’
‘Oh, it was pretty exciting actua-‘
‘You seen nothin’ yet boyo! So much roughing to do!’

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Something similar gets said, or at least assumed, a lot when people talk about indie games. Let me clear that up for you!

The larger chunk of indie games consists of 2D games. Why? 3D is a lot harder comparatively, and so a lot more time and money goes into it. Indie single developers or smaller studios often don’t have the budget for this. Also, art is fucking hard, okay? Not everyone’s good at drawing, let alone churning out hundreds or thousands of frames for animations for a game that has a very distinct, unique art style. Time, money, you get the idea. Developers are often forced to do the art themselves, and chances are they’re not the best at it.

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Just went to the “graduation ceremony” (for lack of a better term, I guess) of some of my friends who were (or ended up) a year lower than me.

There were quite a lot of people there that graduated with me last year. The bonds with people who stayed behind are still pretty strong, good to see. Boy, I remember standing there a year ago. Graduating myself, giving a speech and all that. Heh. Was so worried back then, but in the end all turned out okay. The folks who graduated today are probably feeling the same. Well, not exactly, hardly anyone’s as much of a wuss as I am… was… am.

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And considering I’m bad at time management, it might just be a rough one, too.

First of all, there’s the game I’ll be coding for that team I talked about yesterday. Great fun, but I also still have a game project of my own, and I’m thinking of adding another one to that, got some fun gameplay mechanics in mind. There’s a much larger project in need of attention, too. I’ll be making the new data management system for the company I work at (about damn time we got something good), and I’m guessing I’ll be doing that all by myself. (Yet there’s still the requirement I juggle an extra account for the version management of the thing, ugh.) Haven’t done PHP in a while, should be fun getting back into that.

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