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27 05 13


Traveling seems fucking great.

I can’t speak from a very large pool of experience, but from the few times I’ve been to “faraway” places, I can tell you I find traveling pretty awesome. It’s such an experience! You get to meet new people, see awesome places. Most important of all, it’s something different! You’re putting yourself in a new situation, new environment. A bit of change from the usual boring area you live in is fun, and probably does you lots of good, too.

Some would say they’re quite content staying at home. They got what they want, and don’t feel the need to travel abroad. Sure, that’s fine, but think of all the things you’re missing out on. It’s a huge world out there, I’d feel bad not to explore at least ten percent of it! All those maps and pretty movies of scenery are great, but they don’t do the real thing justice. Hell, I remember going to Sweden and being amazed by all the fucking hills they got. We don’t have that stuff over here, it’s all just boring flatlands! It’s such a change of scenery, and it all looks so foreign, so cool.

Then there’s the cultural side, too. If you don’t go full-blown tourist, but instead take some time to dip into the local culture, your view will broaden by a lot. You’ll learn things about the people and their ways, gain an understanding of different worldviews, and so much more. Gah, I really want to go and travel somewhere now. A friend and I are looking into setting something like that up for the summer of 2014, but that’s still such a long time away.

Patience, I guess. Lots of money, too.
~ Fang


  • 29/05/2013 (6:02 AM)

    I love traveling! Being able to experience all these new sights and sounds, and collecting them all in my scrapbook of memories in my mind..ah, bliss!

  • 28/05/2013 (12:10 AM)

    Traveling remains something I would love to do but like you said, it takes patience and money. Two things I don’t really have in abundance.

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