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The fuck is that?

I did it. I finished a game!

At long last, Trash Sweeper, my incredibly crappy Minesweeper clone, is finally finished! Kind of reluctant to really call it finished, but I won’t be working on it anymore, and it’s playable, so I guess that’s a finished product right there. I’m not exactly happy with the amount of polish (or rather, the lack thereof) in the final product, but I kind of had to rush it to get it done in time (May Boot Camp, ey). Had to cut some juicy features, and the art is definitely lacking, but it works and it plays fine and well and may give you a little giggle.

Trash Sweeper flying turds

Despite not meeting my (maybe ever so slightly too high) expectations, I still feel somewhat satisfied having finished this. It taught me a lot… wait, no, not really actually. I had fun making it, the biggest hurdle was the art. Guess I learned that I should practice spriting, eh? Oh, yeah, I learned about game states, which is cool. And finishing projects really is rewarding. Even if only one person downloads it, plays it, and has fun, then I consider this a job well done. Gamedev is so fucking awesome.

You can download the .exe here. For those of you interested in the source code, here‘s the .love file (which is essentially just a .zip file with a different extension). Don’t think any of you’ll be interested in that, but maybe one day someone will stumble across this and learn something from it. (Note: you probably won’t. I slacked on documentation and honestly it’s kind of a mess.)

There’s probably a lot in the game that isn’t immediately clear, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. At least give it a shot, pretty please?
~ Fang


  • 01/06/2013 (6:28 PM)

    Looks cool..
    Though, those mines.. waves eyebrows. :)

  • 01/06/2013 (8:35 AM)

    I downloaded your game and played it. As I mentioned in a past post, I suck so bad at Minesweeper that I had poop flying all over the place within 3 seconds of each game.

    On the other hand, good job on your first game! Thumbs up from me! :)

  • 01/06/2013 (12:07 AM)

    Well I did give it a download and a quick play. It seems like there aren’t any bugs or anything so I think it does count as a full and complete game and it’s pretty good work considering how quickly you put it all together and that it’s your first thing. If I had a suggestion it would be to upload it to a place like Newgrounds where you could get feedback and criticism.

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