Fang Talks

Blood, sweat and tears.

Been working on that minesweeper clone you may or may not know about some more today.

After having implemented gamestates yesterday, adding pause functionality was a breeze. Made it so you can either continue play or go back to the configuration screen. Speaking of which, I spent most of my dev time today dicking around, trying to make art for it. Finally settled on just taking an image off of Google images, using that as a strong reference to base the art/background/title screen on. But ugh, so much more. So tedious, makes me lose all motivation.

But not really ’cause I’m a strong motherfucker like that. Ain’t no demotivation able to stop me, no! I’ll just keep on trucking. Pumping out art assets is still something I’m struggling with though. Things often don’t turn out the way I want them to, and I take that like a kick to the balls. That is to say, not too well. I should just accept that I’m still growing, capable of so much more than I can currently show. Kind of like a caterpillar, right?

Oh and did you guys see the XBox announcement? XBox One, flop of the century, right next to Windows 8. It’s the size of a fucking coffee table, but it doesn’t bring all that much to the aforementioned table. There were very few games with actual gameplay demos as well. Was painful watching the conference.

I’ll be off for now, long day coming tomorrow.
~ Fang

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