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So after finishing Spyro the Dragon, I decided to jump into the sequel right away.

After playing through the first level and exploring the first home world, my opinions are mixed. They changed the flight mechanics a bit, triangle now no longer causing you to drop down instantly, but instead resulting in a short mid-air hop, for that last bit of distance you may need. Jumping while charging takes you a bit higher, which is nice when you need to cover long distances quickly. That’s all great, but other than that, eh, not too sure.

The game starts with a bit lengthy a cutscene. Where facial expressions used to be exaggerated (which was a good thing) they now are over-exaggerated (which is a bad thing). There’s also a bit more focus on story here. Sure there’s a whole new villain and three new aiding characters, so those need a bit of story tacked to them, but eh. It just doesn’t seem as simple as in the original.

Oh and there’s some awful level-design choices. Moneybags asks fees for opening bridges and whatnot, so you can no longer rush through a level, only getting main objectives. You have to get treasure. Sure, I was getting all the treasure in a level anyway. NOPE, NO MORE. In the first level you find ladders. You can only climb these once you “learn to climb”. Shiggy diggy doo, that doesn’t seem very nice. You’ll also eventually learn to swim, so I bet that’ll cause you to backtrack as well. My guess as to why they did this is to add more playtime to the game. Which is a bad thing, since it’s just “filler” stuff you don’t really want to do anyway. A level’s fun once, twice, maybe even thrice, but after that it goes downward.

You get talismans from completing levels. It’s a decent alternative to having to find x dragons, but it also forces you to complete every level. But what if there’s one I just can’t beat?

We’ll see.
~ Fang


  • 01/05/2013 (11:57 PM)

    I dug these games. If remember correctly I thought the second was an improvement overall, but maybe not

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