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That feel when no comments on the latest Caves.

Busy day today! School was over pretty quickly, but afterwards I went to a friend, who recently got a room in Utrecht, to help her paint her walls. Well, apparently there was a huge amount of roadwork all around, because what would normally take her thirty minutes, now took her over three hours to drive by car. Spent a lot of that time in school, but luckily managed to do something productive. Managed to write up a hexagonal grid generator, plan to do some cool things with that.

So after she finally found her way around all the roadblocks, we met up, got something to eat, bought some painting stuff she still needed, and headed off to her soon-to-be new home. She’ll basically be living on the second floor of some family’s house. Pretty neat though, all-inclusive (electricity, water, internet) for fairly cheap. Her room definitely needed some work though, didn’t look all that good. We partly fixed that, today. Repainted all the walls a nice white. Lots of work, but it looks a lot better already!

We also discusses traveling, and it’s pretty much set now, we’ll be going places when the summer of 2014 comes around. We haven’t planned any specifics yet, but already massively looking forward to it!
Aside from that, eh, got to get up early again tomorrow for the dentist. Going to my boss after that, to discuss some stuff for work. Ugh, and here I hoped I could get to drawing, 3D modeling, or hell, even just regular ol’ gamedev. Let’s hope I don’t get home too late.

You’ll hear from me,
~ Fang


  • 30/05/2013 (6:30 AM)

    Well I’ll leave a comment on this post then!

    I’m also in the works of planning some traveling with friends in 2014, also female.

    And I too need to keep working on my projects. ._.

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