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New Zealand fish

So, apparently I’ll be writing about the various kind of fish found near New Zealand today.

Why? Well I asked my friend here what to write about today, and he came up with that. I’m too lazy to do my research though, so I guess I’ll turn this into some interpretive, imaginative, semi-logical thoughts describing piece of writing? Terrible description of it, but hey, let’s see where it gets us.

New Zealand’s fucking beautiful. You’ve no doubt seen some nice pictures of it online. Mountains, cliffs, scenery, all so great. But what about that which lies beneath the surface… of the water? I imagine it isn’t tropically hot over there, but still nice enough for there but be those cool-looking colorful fish species. I don’t know much about the different kinds, but they got to have some of the more “default” fish types over there? Fish that eat the tiny organisms from the seafloor, for example?

What about sharks? Do they have sharks over there? Probably, I believe Australia has them so New Zealand is bound to have them as well. Either that, or I’m getting my things mixed up here. But eh, sharks are pretty cool. They’re normally (on average) not the type to attack humans without reason. It’s that scary thought though that makes them go so unappreciated. Sad, really. They’re just awfully misunderstood.

Fishy post on a fishy subject. I’m ruining my blog with this.
~ Fang


  • 10/05/2013 (10:11 PM)

    It is quite sad the reputation sharks have. I’m still not likely to try and pet one or anything though. However riding on the back of one would probably be pretty cool. I think New Zealand does have some of the multicolored tropical fish but don’t quote me on it.

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