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06 05 13

Just like finish

And as with all great words of wisdom, you can append “in bed” to it and it still holds true.

I keep realizing these things over and over, yet I continuously fail to do anything with them. In the hopes that telling others about it pushed the message deeper into my brain, I write blog posts about it, time and time again. Does it actually work? Not sure, can’t say I have any experience with it. Are these sentences getting more poorly structured ever word? Definitely.

Finishing things is… important, to say the least. Sure you can just go out and do things, work on your game or write your story, but if you don’t finish it its value (both on personal and public levels) drops significantly. Working on something is one thing. Finding the willpower and courage to see it through to the very end, that’s an adventure unlike anything else.

Me? I’ve barely finished anything in my life. I’ve written plenty a story in my time, but most of those got dropped after a chapter or two, three. One got lucky and made it to the ten-chapter mark. It’s a smelly piece of shit, don’t get me wrong, but it’s still one of the things I’m more proud of, simply because it’s closer to completion (though still miles away from it) than anything else.

Not only does finishing something make you feel good, it also rewards you with an abundance of experience. Project management, mainly, but it also opens doorways to other things, such as becoming a published writer or a real-deal game developer. If nothing else, you’ve learned a lot from it, and can implement that in future endeavors. Yeah, yeah, the same comes from unfinished projects, but they don’t have the same kick to them finished ones do.

Just, like, finish things, okay?
~ Fang


  • 07/05/2013 (12:41 AM)

    Of course finished work has a better kick to it, it’s gratifying to finish something. It’s one of the reasons I wrote short stories. You can get them done in a few hours, look back, and feel that you did something. You completed something. I do find it pretty hard to finish things at times though. It’s mostly because the things I tend to do take a while to complete and I often move on to something else. It’s the main reason my stories remain unfinished. Pretty much all of them will be complete eventually though.

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