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Pooling’s probably slang for something weird somewhere. This’ll come to bite me in the ass one day, I just know it.

We’ve been meaning to do so for a long time now, and now we finally did it. After school, we (a couple of friends and I) set out to go and play pool. Apparently there’s a nice place in Utrecht where we can play. It’s got a bar, a pooling area, and oh my lord, somewhat of an arcade hall! That’s seriously cool, I really need to go there and play arcade games someday.

Anyway, pooling was pretty fun. I used to be able to do it somewhat decently, but apparently all that skill has left my body, so I’m starting from scratch again. In the end I did manage to hit a ball or two into a pocket, so I think I just need more practice, and plenty of the time get warmed up beforehand. Yeah, I needed a warmup. Quality excuses for bad plays, ladies and gentlemen.

Lost, won, and won one more time. Great fun, good times, but the drinks there are hella expensive. Oh well, we went out to eat afterwards, so expenses were sure to be made regardless. We had a blast, and will definitely be doing this again sometime soon. Probably after the last exams of the year.

On a related note, the honors program apparently boils down to “research” “research” and “research”. Whatever the hell happened to getting advanced field experience?
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  • 23/05/2013 (3:42 AM)

    Brandon is really good at pool. He used to play for money and hustle people. Bryan, however, is not good, and would never play for money because he would lose a lot. But it’s still pretty damn fun when it’s just for the hell of it.

    Also, just so you know, we finally got around to reading that last part of Caves and left a quick critique there.

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