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They can be simple, too.

I’m talking both gameplay and graphics here. You don’t need a hundred different gun types, or the latest and greatest CryEngine graphics or anything. Sometimes keeping it plain and simple works way better. It may be for stylistic purposes, or simply because more is just not needed. Thomas was Alone (which you should’ve heard of by now) is a good example of this. It’s essentially a game about colored rectangles, but it’s pulled off so well you develop some serious feelings for those colored rectangles.

Something I found today, Candy box, as lewd as it sounds, is actually quite the neat little thing. Give it at least a minute of your time, and see what you do from there on out.
It’s all ASCII art, sometimes even animated. There’s a shitload of content, way more than meets the eye at first. It runs completely on JavaScript, and only has to connect to the internet if you want to save your progress.

I, being the completionist that I am, have gotten hooked on this. It’s great fun discovering what’s next, and it doesn’t take up huge chunks of my time. Very well-made little game. It also proves my points that graphics can be the most basic things possible. Just some text, that’s all you need.

Whenever one of the kids these days goes “new cod so good grafix” I die a little inside. Sure it’s awesome to see what we’re capable of today, full-fledged 3D world that look very, very realistic. That’s great and all, but games shouldn’t hang on that. It shouldn’t be their main selling point. And often “so much content” shouldn’t be one, either. There’s some solid good exceptions to that, but more isn’t necessarily better.

Focus on fun gameplay first, move from there.
~ Fang


  • 15/05/2013 (6:58 AM)

    And those kids are a demographic that get mocked all the time. Also, how long do you think they’ll play CoD for? The hardcore gamers are already gravitating towards the indie scene (at least, I hope that’s what the trends are suggesting) and I’m also hoping that this will revive gaming as a whole.

    Tempted to buy Thomas was Alone. I’m Scared was also a really well done horror game.

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