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08 05 13

Caves, p2

Continuing on from where we left of. (Edited one time.)

‘Sh!’ Andrea held her arm out in front of Mitchell, stopping him in his tracks. She turned around to look behind her. ‘You heard that, right?’
‘Heard wha-‘
‘Sh!’ she shushed again, interrupting Mitchell. She turned around, took the luminescent stone out of her satchel, and held it out in front of her, shining a bit more light on the path they had been traveling. The source of the sound was drawing closer. It sounded like a weird type of screeching, somewhat held back. Just as Mitchell was starting to pick up on it as well, it stopped.

A loud screech could be heard, and a strange creature jumped from the dark, into their field of vision. It was a four-legged monster, bearing some resemblance to a spider. Thin legs, the bottom parts slightly thicker than the upper ones, and a relatively large body. Being about the height of a teenager, it was quite intimidating. Its drooling insect-like labium only added to this.
Mitchell ducked behind Andrea in fear. ‘Holy shit!’ was the only thing he could say.
‘Oh, don’t worry, these guys don’t do that much.’ she said, fairly relaxed. ‘It was worse back when they travelled in swarms, but they come alone now. No biggie.’
Andrea sighed. ‘Just stay back, okay?’

She opened another one of her satchels, and took out a couple of darts. Her legs shifted around a bit, indicating she was taking a better position to aim.
‘What are you- Why hasn’t it-‘ Mitchell couldn’t find the right question to ask.
‘Wait and see rookie,’ she whispered, ‘wait and see.’

One of the darts went from her left hand to her right, which then moved behind her ear, her left arm stretching forward ever so slightly. One of the mouthparts of the monster twitched. In an instant, Andrea threw the dart, hitting the monster between his mouthparts. It screeched as a blue foam came out of its mouth. Realizing it was no match, it fled back into the darkness it came from.

Still in awe of what he just witnessed, Mitchell couldn’t utter a single word. Andrea decided to just let things sink in for a bit, and they continued their traveling in silence.

Shit-tier writing, right here. It’s kind of how I envision the game being though, but instead of watching it’ll be your introduction to combat? Who knows.
Also, opinions please. Don’t forget to be harsh and hurt my feelings (or not). (Next part!)

Oh, and for DWei, here’s some progress gifs for the collision detection: one, two, working!
~ Fang


  • 09/05/2013 (3:27 PM)

    Looking good! So another pro-tip: chop out things like “non-verbally telling him they’re in a serious situation.” If she’s shushing him, we automatically know that she’s non-verbally telling him they’re in a serious situation.

    Think of it as repetitive. It would be like if I wrote this:

    “Are you coming over today?” Bob asked.
    Steve nodded, confirming that he was agreeing with what Bob said.

    If Steve nodded, we know he’s confirming. We don’t need any further clarification on the matter.

    Looking forward to more!

  • 09/05/2013 (7:27 AM)

    Oooo… Looking good. Reminds me of VVVVVV at the moment but I’m certain that you’re going to get an artist or something and get art in.

    Or are you going to be one of those crazy 1 man teams who creates a masterpiece like Cavestory after 5 years?

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