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This kills the motivation.

So I booted up my IDE this morning, and wanted to go and make some more progress on reworking my collision detection platformer. I was starting, but something looked fishy. This isn’t my code, is it? Yes it is, but it’s weird. This is the old code. …FUCK. I copy-pasted the code from the old main into the new one to show my friend what is was like, and then I quit the program. Apparently it automatically saves the file when you quit it, because the new code has been overwritten with the old one.

So, there we go, everything to fucking waste. A full day’s worth of progress, down the drain. Time to do it all over.
Okay, that wasn’t too bad I guess. Remembered most of it, and didn’t go through the shitty trial-and-error process of some of the parts. Even so, felt pretty bad.

Anyway, I can wrap my head around the separate axis theorem, I’m just having a rough time implementing it, writing the code. I’ve found an example, but the comments in it are sparse, and the projecting thing is still kind of confusing. Guess I’ll just have to copy it as best as I can and pray it works?

Only one more day of weekend too, bummer.
~ Fang


  • Anonymous
    14/05/2013 (12:19 PM)

    sucks to be you :p so did you find a back up somewhere or have you written it all over again?

  • 12/05/2013 (5:23 AM)

    I hate it when things like that happen. I’ve lost many a good post due to some power outage or saving error.

    It never feels the same when you’re rewriting it a second time.

  • 12/05/2013 (12:26 AM)

    It sucks when you lose a lot of progress but I always encourage doing it again anyway. Still wait until I lose a lot of progress. I doubt I’ll start the project back up.

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