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Five years?!
09 05 13


Acapella is actually a pretty cool genre!

Sure, nowadays it’s pretty much the go-to genre for kiddos who want to put something up on YouTube, but still. I’m not even talking acapella with lyrics here, it doesn’t have to involve traditional singing. Soundtracks! Acapella soundtracks are great. Spiralmouth, for example, did a great job of scoring Crash Twinsanity (and on a lesser note, Crash Tag Team Racing). At first the music just sounds kind of wonky (partly on purpose, because hey, it fits the game), and then when you realize it’s acapella you’re blown away. You’d swear there’s a metal guitar in there!

It’s just amazing, imitating instruments with your voice. Guess that makes beatboxing also fall into acapella, right? The label doesn’t matter though, it’s still really cool. I’m flexible with it, I allow the use of voice-morphing software here and there, if used in discretion. It can add that nice touch.
But yeah, cool stuff. Makes me wish I could actually do shit with my voice. Or that it wasn’t so crappy in the first place, for starters. Maybe I should take lessons? Nah, I won’t be taking it anywhere, would be more of a cool skill to have. Oh well, maybe in a next life.

Boy I think it’s time for me to go and find some good groups to listen to. Not really interested in covers of popular songs though, and lyrics definitely aren’t a must for me. Will take some filtering to find something that suits my needs, I guess. Any recommendations?

See ya!
~ Fang


  • 10/05/2013 (12:23 AM)

    I don’t really know any acapella stuff personally so I can’t recommend anything but I do like it when people can do such awesome things with their voices.

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