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Oh wow I sure have accomplished little today!

Wake up, sketch some stuff, do things on the internet, try to draw, fail, do a little bit of dev’ing for a school project, sketch, watch videos on drawing, sketch some more, write a blog post. MY DAY. Sure, this is great, I’m getting some solid practice (there’s really no way around it when your drawing tablet is in front of you every second you spend behind the computer), but this is getting out of hand. My time management skills aren’t ready for this man. SEND HELP.

Panic aside, it was sort of an okay day I think? Still haven’t finished the artwork for Trash Sweeper. Need at the very least some piles of trash (as “mines”), warning signs (as flags), and a little clock icon for the timer. I’ll get to making those eventually, there’s still a few days left in May. (Who am I kidding I’ll never finish in time.)

Learned some useful drawing techniques (some of the basics, if you will). Applying those is hard though, but I’m trying, which means I’ll get there eventually. I really need to go and do stuff I can post about though. Like, quality stuff, useful information, those kinds of things. I’ll probably throw up a Bamboo review this week, as well as a post on my thought on traveling and why it’s so great.

Until then, apologies for no content.
~ Fang


  • 27/05/2013 (12:32 AM)

    Don’t worry about it. I told you before that drawing any kind of random mess is still practice in the art of…well, art.

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