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I did it. I finished a game!

At long last, Trash Sweeper, my incredibly crappy Minesweeper clone, is finally finished! Kind of reluctant to really call it finished, but I won’t be working on it anymore, and it’s playable, so I guess that’s a finished product right there. I’m not exactly happy with the amount of polish (or rather, the lack thereof) in the final product, but I kind of had to rush it to get it done in time (May Boot Camp, ey). Had to cut some juicy features, and the art is definitely lacking, but it works and it plays fine and well and may give you a little giggle.

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Met up with my boss today, to talk about a custom system we’ll be making, so we can manage projects and customers and all that easily.

At school, they basically teach us things with the end goal of “making user-specific software for companies” in mind. Pretty boring, considering it’s usually just a bunch of data stuff, nothing really interesting going on besides maybe doing some calculations on this and that. I find it all kind of boring, to be honest. I’d much rather be making software for the masses. Not only is it much more fun since you get to develop a wide variety of things, if you work for yourself you’re rarely limited, and it’s all front end stuff. But also that more people than just some box-office folks get to see what you’ve made.

But… the specific software thing is exactly what we’ll be making for the company I work at, yet that seems kind of fun to do. Why? For the most part I’d say it’s because we’ll be doing it in a language I’m familiar with, and enjoy working with. Making websites with Java is way too enterprise, PHP is a lot more fun, and easier to work with to boot! The other part of the interest in this may very well be that it’s closer to home. Since, you know, I’ll be working with the end product as well, I’ll get to use something I’ve made, so it’s actually useful to me instead of being just another way to make money.

And besides, if I document my code badly, he’ll have no choice but to keep me in the company, since I’ll be the only one able to comprehend the mess that is the code of the system. Okay, granted, it’s not that large a system so that problem probably won’t arise, but hey, it’ll definitely be a factor. (Don’t think he’d do away with me though, not even for a hefty sum.)

So yeah, there’s that!
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That feel when no comments on the latest Caves.

Busy day today! School was over pretty quickly, but afterwards I went to a friend, who recently got a room in Utrecht, to help her paint her walls. Well, apparently there was a huge amount of roadwork all around, because what would normally take her thirty minutes, now took her over three hours to drive by car. Spent a lot of that time in school, but luckily managed to do something productive. Managed to write up a hexagonal grid generator, plan to do some cool things with that.

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28 05 13

Caves, p7

Oh buoy, here we go again! Let’s hope I do better than last time.

Suddenly, a voice could be heard right behind Mitchell. ‘I knew you would.’
Frightened, he swiftly turned his head around, only to find Warren standing behind him. He sighed. ‘You scared me, old man!’
‘Hey!’ Andrea kicked his leg under the table. Mitchell flinched, looked at her. She gave him a disapproving stare. ‘Respect your elders, Mitch!’
‘Sorry, sorry’. Mitchell apologized to both Andrea and Warren, rubbing his shin.
Warren shrugged, and continued. ‘You’ll have to pick a role to work in eventually, but you get a couple of days to orient yourself. I recommend you tag along with some of the members to see what their roles are like, but you can also take on some jobs by yourself, experience if they fit you and all that. I’ll hear from you in a couple of days.’ And with that, he walked back upstairs, into his office.

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27 05 13


Traveling seems fucking great.

I can’t speak from a very large pool of experience, but from the few times I’ve been to “faraway” places, I can tell you I find traveling pretty awesome. It’s such an experience! You get to meet new people, see awesome places. Most important of all, it’s something different! You’re putting yourself in a new situation, new environment. A bit of change from the usual boring area you live in is fun, and probably does you lots of good, too.

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