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02 04 13


Heehee, I sure got y’all yesterday!

Where with y’all I only mean two of you, since that’s how many comments the post got. And with yesterday I of course mean Jesterday, April Fools day, whatever. Did you seriously think that I’d be dropping this streak? Haha, no way! I’m a motivated beast, nothing will get me down. And hell, even a decent sum of money isn’t worth losing that 800+ post combo. I’d say it looks quite awesome, and I intend to keep it going for much longer. So yeah, got ya!

Hot damn though, April Fools was buzzing this year. We got all kinds of awesome one-day things, such as Google Nose, ChewGame, CSS4 and many more. Though some were pretty well-done, others were just kinda lame, and having to do the whole “ha, you sure got me” thing over and over again gets old quickly. Despite that and the fact that I didn’t full-out prank people into thinking I was pregnant, it was still a pretty solid April Fools this year.

Did you pull of any great pranks this year, or got pranked in a cool way? Let me know!
~ Fang


  • 04/04/2013 (8:36 PM)

    We got pranked by all national media claiming the satellite had been launched. All sorts of quotes, photos on the newspaper, shows on radio channels and whatnot. A rather skillful one.

  • 03/04/2013 (9:38 PM)

    I refused to believe absolutely everything I read and didn’t trust anything. Some people tried to get me but I didn’t believe it like I said. Except for your post, as I think that perhaps you really should take a break.

  • 03/04/2013 (4:57 AM)

    That Google Nose thing is pretty funny, thanks for sharing it. I totally let April Fools pass me by this year so no pranks. Kinda sucks

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