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get rekt

Not necessarily the entire day, but some cool stuff happened.

So someone from a community said he had a team full of artists, musicians and writers, but no programmers. They wanted to do a 24-hour gamedev challenge. You know, just as a personal project for shits and giggles. I said I didn’t have all that much experience, but wouldn’t mind giving it a shot. Chatted for a bit with the few people that were up, they said it was okay if I’d be looking up things every five minutes, and since I’m pretty much the entire codebro on the team, the language and engine are of my choosing too.

So yeah, I guess I’m now part of a team, and going to do something crazy with them next weekend? Wow. That happened pretty fast actually, but pretty cool, too. It’ll be good experience and all. I don’t expect the best game of 2013 to come out of there, we’ll only be smashing together a simple gimmicky platformer in that amount of time, but still. Would probably be the first game I finish, too, assuming I don’t finish the pet plant sim before then.

Kinda scary, but cool nonetheless.
~ Fang


  • 07/04/2013 (7:53 AM)

    Thumbs up

  • 07/04/2013 (5:02 AM)

    That is really awesome. All I could do is be a writer but I don’t know if my “writing” is really all the acceptable for any sort of game. :P

  • 06/04/2013 (9:36 PM)

    It’ll be awesome though so it’s all good. It does sound like a pretty fun idea and you did good deciding to give it a shot instead of just being too scared to try.

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