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The Plan

Though that all depends on what you’d call progress.

I programmed sound into the Pet Plant Sim today! Granted, all it requires is a line to load the file, and another line to play the file. Geez, LÖVE sure is convenient. I did get it in, nonetheless. Also tweaked item prices a bit (yes, we have a fully functional shop now, to which items can be added really easily), and threw in the first few art assets my artist made. Looks kawaii as fuck, and since I know most of you are rather curious to the game, here, have a .gif. (No sound though, sorry.) (Also I just realized I’ve already shown it before, but whatever, enjoy the new art.)

cute new art

So what else? There’s the sounds department. As said, I found some snazzy sound effects to use, but that’s not really much, is it? What is, though, is that I got back into playing the guitar again. Practiced some stuff, relearnt a couple of tunes, and improvised, ending up with a nice main rhythm for a slightly daunting tune. May or may not ever use it, we’ll see. But hey, practiced music making, sort of?

And then there’s the art department. I did a sketch of a dinosaur figure I had laying around yesterday. Today, I made a (way too small) drawing of a tiny racecar toy. As usual, turned out sort of okay, but not good in any way whatsoever. At least I’m practicing, right? And practice is progress, right? Right?

Oh God, no progress.
~ Fang


  • 13/04/2013 (12:29 AM)

    Well if you’ve got the beginnings of a tune then you should go through and work out the rest of it too. Practice is good and you’ve seen evidence of that with the gamedev. You’ve shown a gif of the plant sim before but it looks a lot better now.

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