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I’ve done it occasionally, and you probably do too, going through the archives of your own blog.

You check out your first few posts, and either laugh, of want to throw up. Whatever the case, they’re still there. They’re products of the you from way back. Sort of like a one-way time-machine-like communication-device. Too many hyphens? God-dang-it!
Be honest though, it’s kind of cool. You get to look back at yourself from back then. And not just some vague trip down memory lane, no. Actual things you wrote. Actual honest opinions, thoughts, drama.

So this post is for the archive. For me, in a couple of years, randomly going through my old posts, and encountering this. Hey man, what’s good? You pursued your dreams yet? You know you should. Those stories aren’t writing themselves, and those game won’t get made magically either. Step up your game if you haven’t been doing anything you really want to do lately. But if you did, good on you, you’re as mature as it gets!

This all probably seems real stupid, and you possibly haven’t even re-read the first few posts yet. But hey, no shame. No need to regret writing those. It was all practice, much in the same way this post is practice as well. In writing, communicating, sharing. Everything I’ve done has made you who you are. You wouldn’t want to change that, now would you?

I don’t have all that much to tell you, since I don’t know your state. But you should never give up. If anything, just believe in me who believes in you! (Yes I just used that shitty reference. No need to feel bad about yourself for it.) Life’s short and you know it, so stop wallowing in old posts, and go write a new one. Something fresh, something exciting. Don’t know what to write? Make sure you have experiences worth writing about.

Never change Fang, never chance.
~ Fang


  • 13/04/2013 (9:35 PM)

    This was pretty cool to read really. It’s a nice idea too. I went through a lot of old posts for my collection and some of them were pretty fun to read through and remember some good times. It’s worth going through the archives every so often.

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