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So we had Server-Side Programming today. Shit fucking sucks yo. I spent the entire two-hour practical trying to get the basic example up and running, and at the end of all that, it still didn’t work. And I wasn’t the only one, either! About half of the class had major issues getting that stuff running. Who the hell thought of that anyway, using Java as the backend for your servers? PHP is way easier, quicker to develop, and more widely understood. I’m starting to think the only reason my study’s so Java-focussed is that it’s the language still used by most of the big companies. I don’t want their jobs if they’re afraid of change!

Was so bummed (and kind of tired) that I didn’t make any progress on the Pet Plant Sim either. Niqle (my lovely artist) made a couple of new sprites, and tweaked the layout a bit. It looks hella good, but I didn’t get to implementing it yet. Should probably do that on Thursday, my day off, and get to making the thing save its state when closed while I’m at it.

Also, as you can see, still very little progress with kicking the post quality back up. Oh well, who cares, I’m still writing and still having fun (even if only a tiny bit), so it’s cool.
~ Fang

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