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30 04 13

Step it up Fang

Step it up. Higher.

I did very little actually productive things today. But hey, our new king got his ceremony, so that’s a good excuse, right? Wrong, I honestly couldn’t care less about the whole deal. The jokes about it are fun, and that’s about it really. I did go to the local flea market with a friend though, to see if we could scope out a cheap acoustic guitar. We didn’t find any, but he picked all kinds of crazy gizmos to compensate. Laptops fans, an old-ass security camera (old ass-security camera?), an electric saw and a wall-mounted phone, the kinds you tend to find on airplanes and boats.

But yeah, did basically nothing aside from that. Sure I found some interesting articles here and there, which I’ll eventually apply to gamedev, but I didn’t even get started on the basic prototype for BDX yet. I kind of want to run through Blender Noob to Pro first, but that’s going to take a while to suck in, all that information. And then I haven’t even considered practice time yet.

Tomorrow, I plan on making some serious progress with Blender, as well as try to start working on that prototype. Want to get basic gameplay in so I can start tweaking it early. Other features will come eventually, but those can’t be built on a rotten core. Let’s hope I manage to wake up early and actually be motivated enough to get this shit done, instead of waste my precious home-alone time again.

Here’s hoping.
~ Fang

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