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10 04 13

Starting things

It is hard.

Since I’m a one-man gamedev team, I need to learn all kinds of things, like sound and music production, or making art assets. At the very least I need to be able to pull some decent placeholder art out of my ass. Because, let’s face it, nobody’s going to be interested in a game about colored squares. It needs spice, flair, something pretty to look at. Gameplay is core, we all (should) know that, but the art definitely adds to a game.

What do you do, to learn how to art? Practice. Hell, even if you draw a dick and hairy balls once a day, you’ll still end up a much better artist than the other guy who couldn’t be bothered. It’s all about trying, failing, learning, and continuing to move onward. The first step there, trying, can be really hard though.

I’ve failed at it again today. Wanted to make a sprite of a bag of soil. I looked up references, tried, but nothing good seemed to come out. Demotivated, I quit, and didn’t look back. Hell, I didn’t even save what I had made so far. I started with the intention on drawing something today, but couldn’t be assed. Because hey, I can’t draw for shit anyway, right?

This is why it’ll probably take me a while to become decent at drawing, or any kind of art for that matter. I need to integrate a basic 15-minute practice session into my daily schedule, but I have a tough time doing so because I get demotivated so easily. But I don’t back off when my code won’t compile either, now do I? I’ll just have to get past the initial barrier of “this is shit” and into the land of “this is shit, but I’m improving”. And that’s not necessarily determined by the quality of my output. Mindset plays a key role here.

Go out there and do something!
~ Fang


  • 11/04/2013 (2:41 PM)

    I only started drawing MSPaint comics about 2 years ago. I just kept at it, and kept at it, and now I’ve honed it to the point that some might call it art. Some. And no dick and hairy balls involved! You’ll get there in time.

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