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Alien abduction during an acid trip in the Mojave desert

Before we try to answer that pressing question, let’s take a look at something that most definitely is progress.

So today we (the team for a school project) got together again, and wrapped op the code. This included helping people with some last issues and features, mostly concerning the GUI of the (administration) application. When making the backend, I though I had included all the functions that would be needed for piecing together the GUI, but apparently I missed a few. Thanks to this, I had to merge some code by hand. Expected this to be a painstaking progress, but was actually pretty easy, and took me only about fifteen minutes. All’s working now, and we’ll finish this project with a small presentation on Thursday. Finally!

In more personal news, I intended to get some solid good dev’ing done today, implementing the base for the shop in my Pet Plant Sim. Instead, I got distracted. I ended up freeing approximately 35 gigs on my internal drive, I learned how to do version control with Git (which seems pretty nifty so far), and made a custom icon for SourceTree. Though most of those things weren’t planned, I think doing them was still worthwhile, most of them (partially) affect development, and it isn’t like it’s time wasted playing video games or watching movies, so that’s good. And hey, I even managed to slip in making the shop overlay just now. Easy-peasy!

Looks like it’s about time I get some sleep though.
~ Fang


  • 10/04/2013 (7:40 AM)

    Exactly. Even if you didn’t finish what you intended, at least you finished something productive.

    I’ve taken the same view with money “at least it’s something I will use. I think.”

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