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I find this to be a serious issue, even though it’s essentially great progression.

Some of you may remember how the internet was back in the day. Hell, we don’t even need to go that far back for me to be able to make a point. Just go back a couple of years, and we’ll be set. Back then the internet wasn’t as big. Less people knew how to use computers, so naturally less people knew how to navigate the web. Due to the relatively small usage, it was quite humble the place. Sure there were plenty of people, but it wasn’t as all over the place as it is today.

What I mean by that is the whole “internet is now part of everyone’s culture” thing. There’s been plenty a news article about social media, quite a few “you better fear this” reports on cybercrime, and so on, and so forth. The internet has become way mainstream, and in that, to me, it has lost its charm. This is all sounding a bit elitist and/or hipster, but it really does feel like that.

It’s hard putting this to words, I can’t seem to pinpoint what my problem is. I guess the issues I have with Facebook, and people being fucking idiots play the biggest roles here. I no longer feel like a God amongst mortals in the real world, but like a God amongst idiots on the internet. …okay the wording there is fucking terrible, but I honestly can’t do any better.

It probably burns down to me being an elitist hipster moron who feels that people have invaded his territory. I need help.
~ Fang


  • 25/04/2013 (2:44 PM)

    Hah! I think I know what you mean. The internet was definitely a lot cooler before everyone was on it. It’s hard to read any form of news article or forum without seeing brainless comments, the same question asked ten times in a row, a question that could be answered with a very simple Google search, etc.

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