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That has got to be the most “dear diary”-esque title I have ever given to a blog post.

Anyway yeah, I woke up feeling kinda sick, which quickly turned into being downright nauseous. I set for five minutes, trying to get it to calm down. Decided this’d be a great time for me to take a dump, so on to the toilet I went. Said dump was taken, while I was sweating intensely, trying to keep my stomach from turning inside out, and sight passing in and out of focus. Soon after, I found myself laying on the floor, pants on knees and all.

Passed out. Happened one or two times more after that. God I am lucky though, that there was no shit on the walls or anything. My face and legs got a little bruised is all, I can easily pass that off as “yeah I’ve been in a fight”, haha.
Tried eating breakfast, didn’t taste like nothing, discarded it and went to bed again. Slept for about three hours on-off, and after that, I felt a lot better already.

So, that’s great. Less great news is that the 24 hour gamedev thing I talked about yesterday most likely won’t have me in it this time. I totally forgot I had a reunion planned coming weekend, so that basically means I won’t be available for it for the next two weeks. They also found another codebro to work with, so I said yeah, go ahead and do it when you want. I’ll get to drop in another time though, definitely looking forward to that.

Holy shit I need to go to bed. (Also why did I even write those first two paragraphs.)
~ Fang


  • 08/04/2013 (1:42 PM)

    Wow. I’m laughing (with you, I hope. Not at you) but I’m really thinking that I hope you feel better soon.

  • 08/04/2013 (10:40 AM)

    You really, really need your rest dude. Probably a good job you didn’t do the 24 hour gamedev thing just for your health alone. You’ll get to do it some other time.

  • 08/04/2013 (5:19 AM)

    Yep. Very personal post here Fang. It could pass as an above average Twitter post actually.

    Get well soon, and keep making sure no fecal matter gets on the walls.

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