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Is that a joke about my length?

Gotta hand it to Nancy for best quote of the week. And it’s just Monday, go figure.

But yeah, all’s cool right now. Feeling quite normal again, so that’s good. The bruises still hurt a bit, but whatever, they’ll disappear sooner or later. I even got some school work done today. The closer we get to ending the project, the more design errors and flaws I see. It’s not a good feeling, but I’m willing to overlook it if we can just finish this damn thing already. Every time I work on it I feel like throwing things around at the first sight of something that doesn’t go how I want it to go.

In other news, there’s someone who wants to do the art for my shitty pet plant sim. Hurray! I gave him the specification (which basically comes down to: do what you feel like), and he said he’d get to it tomorrow. This is pretty cool, things’ll look a lot better now.

He raised a valid point though. “Where’s the fun?” I suppose it is in watching your plant grow, and the cool effects and such that come with it, but that’s basically replacing fun with exciting visuals, which still isn’t fun in essence. Sure, some stupid folks will fall for it (hell, one of those tamagochi-esque things for the iPhone recently got pretty popular), but I’m not catering to that demographic (yet).

Oh well, at least I’m practicing, having fun, and learning from the awful mistakes I’m making. I’ve started this, no turning back!
~ Fang


  • 09/04/2013 (6:24 AM)

    Hey, if you want ideas or writing or think there’s something I could help with this let me know. I know Zynga got a psychologist to make their game more addicting, who knows how I could come in handy.

  • 09/04/2013 (12:57 AM)

    Tamagochi’s and other virtual pets rule. I for one would actually find some genuine use in a plant simulator as every time I buy a plant the thing dies.

    It really, really does. If a virtual one died just because I owned it…I think I would begin to consider I’m part Satan. But there’s always a miasma of fun in things like that. Even if there isn’t really people will still buy them.

    Like I said, virtual pets, even pet plants, rock. You could make a pet rock simulator and people would buy it just as they bought actual pet rocks. Crazy people.

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