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26 04 13

Internet threats

This ties in with a previous post, the one about how the internet is way too mainstream.

The internet is also being taken way too seriously these days. Any small threat is taken very seriously, the media going booming when some angsty teen posts something stupid on Twitter. They’re slobbering all over it like a hungry dog who just found a piece of rotten meat. And it’s honestly getting kind of ridiculous. Luckily I saw some smart people on the news stating we should cool it on the over-reactions, but I want to make my point anyway.

The internet’s been here for ages. The media’s only been on it big-time for a year or two, three at best. These “im gunna do a bombin yo” posts on social media (or any website for that matter) have been here for as long as the internet’s been here. Why are we making a big deal out of them all of a sudden? All these bombings and shootings obviously have everyone on edge, and I’m not saying that’s unjust, but nobody who takes themselves seriously in their terroristic actions posts about it on social media as a supposedly hip teen.

It’s all about looking cool, and the kicks they get when their schools get evacuated. It’s this stupid thing that’s been here for as long as there’s been society. It need to go away, but it won’t. It’s infiltrated the internet, but that doesn’t make it any more dangerous. When a group of punks are hanging out together, and one makes a joke about bombing some place, you don’t see a dozen cops diving on them right away, now do you?

I fear these actions will encourage police and governmental control over the internet. We do not want that.
~ Fang


  • 28/04/2013 (5:27 PM)

    What if the account was never hacked in the first place? Wouldn’t that be a great excuse for yet another police raid?

  • 27/04/2013 (6:44 AM)

    Good luck trying to take over the Internet. At best, you’ll censor the mainstream stuff.

    Already people are working on meshnets and other forms of privatized Internet where no governments or police groups could control. It’s currently a bit shaky but give them a bit more time and they’ll get it working more efficiently.

  • 26/04/2013 (9:38 PM)

    We don’t but it’s already happening man and stupidity like that is helping cause it to happen. I read a story about a guy who said he was going to “destroy America”, and he was arrested at the airport. He was genuinely arrested when all he meant was that he was going to have one gigantic party. He didn’t even threaten to blow anything up, he just used a term young people today use. Guess that went pretty well for him.

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