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You know, what with the whole “watching your kids grow and succeed” part of parenthood.

Everyone’s going and making it big, or at least starting to. I’ve seen people progress, develop, grow in skill and personality, and now some are picking up those gains and throwing them towards a new goal. Something a lot higher than they would’ve imagined they’d aim a couple of years ago. It feels great to see people growing like that, and it also gives me hope. Maybe I can be like them one day.

An example most of my readers should know is Mark. He’s turned into a great writer, has already published a book on Amazon, and is now working on setting up a KickStarter to fund the grand advertising campaign he’s planning for his next book. Just, wow, that guy’s going places. He’s said it himself too, not too long ago he was mostly an introvert, afraid of putting himself out there, and not at all confident in his steps. But look at him now, working hard, doing great, he may very well make it!

Oh and there’s Risk of Rain dev (hopoo), too. He’s actively taken part in a gamedev community I hang out in for a long time now, made a really nice alpha for his game that got a lot of attention, and now he’s started a KickStarter to full-out turn it into a top-notch game! Only four days in, and he’s already got it over 80% funded! The guy’s a great gamedev, and a good artist to boot! He probably started out just like I did, and he’s gotten hella far already.

Let these people be an inspiration to all of us!
~ Fang


  • 12/04/2013 (5:22 PM)

    He’s gotten up to 90% now. And being the sucker that I am for indie and kickstarter projects, I donated as well.

    Keep us updated on your ongoing game Fang, I’m interested to see how it turns out.

  • 12/04/2013 (1:41 AM)

    That is pretty awesome and impressive he’s got 80% after just four days. I can only hope and pray for such success. And of course try and make it happen, before someone flames me for relying on the power of prayer.

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