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Today was a… neutral day. Slept in because we had a fun night with friends again last night. Tomorrow night won’t be any different. Had today “off” though, so decided I might as well try and make some of those delicious oat cookies my mom can make so well. I just Googled it to see if I got the naming right, and saw the images. Holy moly those are thick! We always make them way thin. Hmm, might have to try that out sometime, making them a bit thicker. They turned out pretty okay, but of course not as great as mother’s own. Comes with experience, I guess.

Other than that I finished my playthrough of Spyro the Dragon today. It was great fun, especially the last few levels, since I didn’t remember those as well as the others. I’ve started writing the review for that. I’m so bad at putting my opinions to words, especially when I’m way excited about things, but eh. I’ll try to have that finished and posted tomorrow, look forward to it!

I’ve recently started reading Blender 3D: Noob to Pro, one of the more often recommended Blender guides. Only read a single module today, which is a bit of a shame, but I’ll get to that soon. I hope.

I’ll be having people here tomorrow, so I’d better get to bed now. Have to wake up early so I can do some grocery shopping beforehand.
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  • 29/04/2013 (5:47 AM)

    I tried fiddling with Blender for a bit. Didn’t turn out so good for me. :p

  • 29/04/2013 (12:11 AM)

    Well done you on making cookies and for finishing Spyro. It’s good you enjoyed the game, and don’t worry about the cookies. No one can bake as good as their mother.

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