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But I still haven’t put my portfolio live.

Okay, okay, let’s ramble on about that for a little bit then. Largest part of the reason that it hasn’t gone live yet is that I’m not sure if I’m happy with the thing’s current state. It’s kind of a weird mix between formal and informal. That’s what I was shooting for, mind you, an informal feel on a formal site, but right now I think it looks more like I wasn’t sure which direction to step in. I’ve also reluctantly added my full name to it. Not giving it is pretty damn unprofessional, and I’m only just now realizing how childish I am hiding behind this shitty alias for fucking ever. At least there isn’t much new you’ll find about me on Google.

Other than that, I implemented another sprite into the Pet Plant Sim, and worked on getting the new header to work. Missing a font, but other than that, solid good progress (though not very much). Just needs a little this and that, a few more sprites, level up sound-effect, and I’ll call it finished. The Boot Camp is over anyway, should probably start thinking of something for next month’s theme: mundane jobs made interesting.

Also played more Spyro the Dragon (first game in the series) today. Over 70% completion already, and that in just, what, four days now? Some of the levels were still hella hard though. I don’t remember having trouble with them as a kid, but that’s probably because I never tried to go for 100% completion (all treasure, statues and eggs). Once I’ve got that finished, expect a semi-in-depth review of sorts.

Yes, I counted playing videogames for getting things done. It’s research, people!
~ Fang


  • 23/04/2013 (3:32 PM)

    What’s wrong with using an alias? I use aliases that look like legitimate names all the time.

    I really want to replay Banjo Kazooie and Starfox 64. Game Grumps is making me wax nostalgia.

  • 23/04/2013 (12:22 AM)

    Hey games are always something, even if it’s not for research purposes. I’ve already critiqued the portfolio in an email so there’s not much left to say to that other than when you’re big and famous you’re going to be all over Google.

    Heck I plan to get a Wikipedia account just so I can edit my own article when someone gets around to making it.

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