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23 04 13


The word has snuck into my dictionary, and now it just won’t leave.

May’s Boot Camp is coming up in a week or so, and I’m having trouble thinking of cool but doable game ideas. Office dudes rushing to work, to be the first so they can impress their boss? The whole “sidescrolling platformer” thing isn’t too hard, but I want intractable environment, so you can make obstacles for the others. That’ll be a bit of a challenge, and then there’s the whole “Unity is overkill I want to use LÖVE” thing. I know fuckall about managing larger games, especially if you have to do most things yourself (collision detection and the likes), and I’m afraid it’ll end up a clusterfuck of code. Can’t find any good resources on this, too.

Or maybe Extreme Grave Robbing? Grave Robbing is no mundane job, but digging up fossils is. It’s not as exciting as it’s often made out to be… unless the stuff you dig up suddenly comes alive! But eh, not sure how to make the work, how to make it fun, and just how to create it in the first place.

As if the lack of good, doable ideas isn’t demotivating enough, there’s also the “art” thing. I can’t into making game assets. I try, and I’m turning that dinosaur sketch into a sprite right now, but I still have a ridiculously hard time. I can get the bare basics up, but once I have to do more than that, shit gets hard, confusing, and scary.

I should just suck it up and think of something simple (like with the Spring Boot Camp), but I’m having a hard time doing so. Not necessarily because I aim way too high, but simply because inspiration is on a low again. The fact that I’m kind of demotivated isn’t helping either. I’ll figure something out though, still got a week ’til it even officially starts, so eh.

Oh and Spyro crashed on me, before I saved. Lost about three levels’ worth of effort.
~ Fang

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