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Alliteration is awesome!

Like holy shit the little fuckers are all over the place.

That isn’t even that strange, considering how there’s a lot of different hardware standards. Sure, USB is most widely used, but for other things different companies can and will very often make their own little port, file format, or whatever it is they need. As a result, there’s a ton of convertors available. Software convertors, to, say, convert a .ogg into a .mp3 file. Hardware convertors, like VGA to S-Video. Sure, there have to be a few with the same purpose, because technology grows real quick. But there’s no real point in increasing the amount of types if there’s a perfectly good one available right now.

Yeah yeah, it’s all marketing, money-making, being a dick about things to earn your cash. But let’s take a look at the new connector for iPhones and such, Lightning. It doesn’t bring much to the table aside from a mediocre increase in speed (not even USB 3.0 compatible yet) and the ability to insert it upside-down (which is upside-up, since both sides are upsides). Oh and it makes all the previous accessories for older iPhones and such obsolete, considering they still use the traditional dock connector. Well, at least Apple’s making a fortune off of those old-to-new convertors, right?

I can’t see why we don’t just all stick to the USB standard. Every smartphone having a single micro-USB port for charing and transferring data. All controllers having a USB cable, and Bluetooth if they insist on being wireless. All screens running off of HDMI input. Until the time comes that we can make huge improvements, we can just hold to those standards and things will be a lot less complex, easier cross-compatible, and overall a better experience.

…Did I really just advocate not changing things, not progressing? Ugh, all these mixed opinions.
~ Fang


  • 19/04/2013 (10:35 AM)

    You didn’t really advocate that no. What you advocated was simplicity and moving forward in one singular direction, and not being filthy filthy whores. I’m understanding when it comes to file types though, depending on the file type. Usually it’s a file size issue. I much prefer regular old MP3s to WAVs and FLAC, and when I put something on my iPod it gets compressed even more but I never hear a difference. All I know is that my iPod fits twice as many songs and I’m grateful for that.

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