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Guess what I got in the mail today? A to-USB convertor for PlayStation 2 controllers!

Okay, if I had an XBox controller it would have been ten times easier to connect it and all that, but eh, who plays on easy-mode anyway? Got the little convertor for about five bucks, totally worth it. First and foremost, I can now play PlayStation games on my computer, so I don’t have to fuck around with terribad Memory Cards that don’t gold PSX save files anymore. Hurray! Played some Spyro with it today. Still need to figure out how to enable vibrations (wink wonk), but other than that, it’s working perfectly!

Also, there’s this thing I downloaded, that allows me to configure and use a controller is my normal workflow. I can make keys to buttons, mouse movements, all that good stuff. It’s still a bit glitchy, but I managed to set it up so that I can move the mouse, click, right-click, switch between applications, tabs in Chrome, and a couple of other things, just by using the controller! For text input, having to rely on the virtual on-screen keyboard isn’t that great, but that aside, it feels pretty cool to control your computer with an actual controller!

It’s great for games, too, since I can make the mouse map an absolute position to the joystick. That way, I can easily use it in first-person games. Got to try that out sometime. Also, I may or may not play a game of League of Legends with it, just for shits and giggles.

Now I’m wondering if I can hook my guitar up to it, so I can do stuff on the computer by playing some sick riffs.
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  • 20/04/2013 (11:39 AM)

    Heard that for XBox controllers, one needs to download x360ce (hacks around the corner to support older controllers)

  • 19/04/2013 (9:52 PM)

    That does sound pretty darn awesome. To use an Xbox Controller for a computer you need a non-wireless one so it’s just easier and cheaper actually to buy one of these things I’ve never even heard of. I just used an actual PC controller when it came to things like this.

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