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03 04 13

Art is hard

“But of course it is.” Yeah no shit son.

But I’m finding out the hard way. Some of you may have seen me waving images, or sprites to be more exact, of shitty pots and plants. I’m doing art for a game I’m making. At first I intended to do cute pixelated flowers and such, since that didn’t seem super hard. Well, I was wrong there. After fooling around a bit, I thought of using vector art instead, since I used to be pretty decent with that. Keywords there are “used to”. I tried, and it was shit, right out of the box.

So I did some more refining, doubled the resolution of the pixelated pot and sapling, and now I’m starting to get a nice blend between the styles I tried. The pot’s getting a lot nicer, and someone improved my shitty sapling, so I’ll be using that as a reference next time I work on it.
I’ll probably start doing drawings and stuff as well on a regular. I don’t have any artbros in real life to work with (at least not that I’m aware), so I’ll more than likely be doing the art assets for my projects myself. And I just can’t stand having to resort to programmer art, so it seems like a good move to practice my art skills.

“But what game are ya goin’ on about, ye crazy bastard?” Well, an amateur gamedev community I’m part of has organized an event. I dropped in too late (and didn’t really care) for the Easter contest, but now we have Spring Boot Camp! Starting April first (no joke) we have until the 21st to make a small game about plants. Plants being the spring-related topic we sort of agreed on.

So yeah, that’s why you’ll see me cranking out lots of artwork over the coming weeks. I got six plant types in mind, they all have four growth stages (not counting “seed” and “sprout”, which are mostly identical for each type), and four different health stages. A quick calculation tells me that that’s a total of 96 sprites. Haha, screw that. I’ll see how many I can make work, and I’ll scrap the others.

And they people tell me I need a break. Look at the glorious post I just churned out!
~ Fang


  • 04/04/2013 (8:32 PM)


    You can use changes in palette and decals to reduce the total number of sprites a lot.

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