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Oh boy here we go again!

So most of you probably know I’m hella sick of touchscreens. They’re everywhere, and sure, they’re nice and dandy, but it doesn’t fit us. Why would we bother interacting with a flat, 2D surface, in boring, uninteresting ways, when we have hands and fingers that can go in all kinds of directions, form all kinds of shapes, and feel all kinds of textures? Keyboards and mice are a step up already. They at least provide tactile feedback, and the keyboard’s been pretty great so far in that it, well, has a lot of keys, so there’s a lot of different things you can do with it.

Still, that’s all kind of boring, isn’t it? I posted an example of this yesterday, doing things on my computer using a PS2 controller. Great, right? Yes, but surely we can do better. I’m not much one for the futuristic image of “wave arms around in the air and stuff happens” though, so how about a slightly more novel way: playing instruments. I can hook up my guitar to my computer, and it can recognize the output it gives, so who knows, maybe I could write a little program that does something according to the note played?

I know it most likely won’t be the most efficient way of interacting with a computer, but it’s definitely one of the more fun ones. Piano keyboards might work a bit better for this purpose, especially the ones with multiple layers of keys.

If anything we can resort to farting in binary?
~ Fang


  • 20/04/2013 (9:29 PM)

    I thought those kinds of things already existed. I don’t really like touchscreens much and I’m not very good with them. I much prefer keyboards and they’re great at what they do so I don’t see why we need to switch them up. Functionality is, for something like this, a bit more important than enjoyment.

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