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30 04 13

Step it up Fang

Step it up. Higher.

I did very little actually productive things today. But hey, our new king got his ceremony, so that’s a good excuse, right? Wrong, I honestly couldn’t care less about the whole deal. The jokes about it are fun, and that’s about it really. I did go to the local flea market with a friend though, to see if we could scope out a cheap acoustic guitar. We didn’t find any, but he picked all kinds of crazy gizmos to compensate. Laptops fans, an old-ass security camera (old ass-security camera?), an electric saw and a wall-mounted phone, the kinds you tend to find on airplanes and boats.

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Yesterday, I finished my playthrough of Spyro the Dragon, the first in quite a successful series of great games, and a childhood favorite of mine.

Today, I want to take a closer look at the game, and review it. Let’s just right in, shall we?
In Spyro the Dragon you play as, well Spyro, a young dragon. The game opens with a short cutscene during which all dragons, except Spyro, are turned into crystal statues by Gnasty Gnorc, the leader of the Gnorcs and main antagonist of the game. I personally really like the opening cutscene. It’s short, to the point, but not without the usual silly humor and character personalities shining through.

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Today was a… neutral day. Slept in because we had a fun night with friends again last night. Tomorrow night won’t be any different. Had today “off” though, so decided I might as well try and make some of those delicious oat cookies my mom can make so well. I just Googled it to see if I got the naming right, and saw the images. Holy moly those are thick! We always make them way thin. Hmm, might have to try that out sometime, making them a bit thicker. They turned out pretty okay, but of course not as great as mother’s own. Comes with experience, I guess.

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I believe there was a word for this kind of realization, but I forgot it and can’t find it anywhere. (edit: it’s sonder)

So you’re sitting in the train, heading to work or something. Some guy sits in front of you. He has his own set of friends, family members, colleagues, acquaintances, and so on. And all those people have their own connections as well. Within only a few iterations, you’re spanning pretty much the entire human population on earth. There was a study once, calculating how many people are needed to link back to oneself. The average number was five if I recall correctly, but I’m not entirely sure.

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26 04 13

Internet threats

This ties in with a previous post, the one about how the internet is way too mainstream.

The internet is also being taken way too seriously these days. Any small threat is taken very seriously, the media going booming when some angsty teen posts something stupid on Twitter. They’re slobbering all over it like a hungry dog who just found a piece of rotten meat. And it’s honestly getting kind of ridiculous. Luckily I saw some smart people on the news stating we should cool it on the over-reactions, but I want to make my point anyway.

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