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“That’d be $59.99 please.” “You can put it on my tab.”

So I got, let’s see, exactly twenty-three tabs open in my browser right now, of which nine are pinned and open by default. There’s about three others which I need to consider pinning. There’s give which just needs to become a bookmark, two which still fail to motivate me to continue working on them. Of the pinned tabs, there’s two I can probably do away with as well. …Hold on while I clean up this disgusting mess.
There we go. Twelve pinned, four regular, grand total of sixteen. I think I did a good job of cleaning there.

In other news, Blender is a pain to work with on Mac OS X because the controls kind of get screwed over by the OS. Still, I’m having a good time learning my way around it. Got a huge file of keyboard shortcuts already, hope I can get those memorized soon. Almost done learning about the basics, I’ll try my hand at a modeling tutorial soon. Hopefully I can make some pretty low-poly artwork or something. Highly doubt it, but it’s worth a shot, and skill comes with time, so yeah.

Also, regarding yesterday’s post. Thanks to all for the comments. There’s some pretty decent advice in there. I’ve arranged with my mentor to speak to him at school tomorrow. I’ll tell him basically what I told you guys as well, and see what he has to say. I feel like I should take some notes with me, in case I forget stuff, but eh, I’ll be fine hopefully.

So yeah, let’s see where that takes us.
~ Fang


  • 05/03/2013 (1:22 AM)

    I’m quite notorious myself for having many tabs open, but I rarely go that high unless I’m doing something that requuires me to have that many tabs open. Although right now I have seven open, one of which is here though. Good luck with the mentor, and with designing stuff on Blender. Get good, and you can make the official Immortal Space game.

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