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15 03 13

Older games

You know that thing when you, for some reason, remember that one game you used to play a lot years ago, and then go and play it again?

It’s great fun. It’s a nostalgia trip, usually. It makes you relive part of your childhood (or whenever you played that game), reminds you of the good times, when everything was still so easy. But besides the “this is awesome” feeling that comes from the nostalgia the game gives you, there’s also another part. Or at least, for me there is. You start looking at the game, analyzing why you spent so much time on it, why you found it so much fun.

There generally two outcomes to this. The first one is the cooler of the two. You see that the game is actually very well-made, how amazing the level design was, the intuitiveness of the controls, all of that good stuff. Plotlines? You didn’t pay much attention as a kid, but now that you notice them, they’re great! You end up loving the game even more than you already did.

And then there’s the exact opposite of that. You see that the game is actually quite the piece of shit, and you just played it because it was addicting, not necessarily because it was a really well-made game. In case of online flash games (*cough*AdventureQuest*cough*DragonFable*cough*) you see that some parts haven’t been changed in all those years, not reflecting some updates properly, and it’s still a disorganized mess, especially if you’re a newer player. You lose faith in the companies that run those games, ask yourself why. And then you consider yourself lucky your parents wouldn’t buy some shitty premium package. Wouldn’t been wasted money.

(They’re still fun to play every now and again though.)
~ Fang


  • 16/03/2013 (1:36 AM)

    I remember playing those flash games, Adventure Quest and DragonFable. There was one that involved mechs as well. I enjoyed them a bit but you’re right, looking back I’m glad I never did pay for them or anything. Usually when I go back and play and old game I find myself loving it more. I’ve always had good taste.

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