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Double-reverse irony

Or is it?

So, last night was great as always. Rocksmith is an awesome game (basically guitar hero, except you get to use your own real electric guitar, and not some plastic 4-button thing), and we had great fun playing it. The minigames are great. Or, well, the one we’ve unlocked so far. It’s kind of like Duck Hunt except you have to play the right note?

Anyway, late nights cause me to wake up late, usually. But today I got out of bed at around one PM, which is early considering I wasn’t in bed ’til half past five AM. That’s less than the recommended eight hours of sleep, kiddos. Give me some credit for strolling through my day like this.
Ken Ashcorp released a new single, and it’s really damn great as usual, so I went and bought that. Too bad Bandcamp’s acting up for me, and it won’t process my downloads, regardless of what filetype I select. Good thing they’re DRM free and all that, I can always try again later on.

Other than that I tried working on a roguelike, but Unity isn’t the best thing for 2D games and I figured it’d be cooler if I went and wrote it from scratch anyway. Not willing to pick up a potentially new language today, I decided I’d start following a rather huge series of tutorials, in which I’ll be creating a hack and slash RPG. I’ll try and do some fun things with it, but in the end it’s purely for learning and practice and all that.

See ya later chums!
~ Fang


  • 10/03/2013 (2:32 AM)

    I need to give that game a go. Finally I’ll learn something.

  • 10/03/2013 (1:45 AM)

    Well even the things you do for practice are good. I won’t be giving you credit though because I get by on less sleep than you. Although if I slept when I actually wanted to, I’d be almost an insomniac and most definitely nocturnal. The game you mention sounds interesting. Shame the downloads weren’t working.

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