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10 03 13


More wanna-be gamedev talk here. Move on if you want.

So I just watched Indie Game The Movie. I know, some of you don’t like it, but who cares, I watched it anyway. And it was great. I doubt the stories depicted in the documentary is how everything goes, but I think it’s a decent look at what it’s like to actually be an independent game developer. Those guys (Creators of Super Meat Boy, the dude who made Fez, the guy from Braid) almost literally threw away large chunks of their life, and devoted themselves to making a game. And that’s… inspirational.

Don’t get me wrong. If I can help it, I’ll definitely not abandon my social life or anything “crazy” like that. I prefer not working under the great pressure some of the indie devs have been working with. And even if I’m forced, for whatever reason, to spend all my time on developing a game, I will keep showing up at a friend’s place every Friday night, and I will keep in touch with everyone. If game development is what I end up doing, then that’s great, but I won’t allow it to shove aside the other essential parts of my life.

…It feels weird to say this, but I think I may have found my calling? Ever since I started getting into this whole game development thing, I’ve started to feel like it clicks with me. Perhaps even more than webdev or writing do. I’ve suddenly got all these crazy cool ideas floating around, and I’m jumping to learn more so I can execute them. I’ve had little bursts of inspiration with the other aforementioned fields, but right now I’m actually doing stuff with it, I’m not procrastinating anymore. And it’s all great fun! Sure, still knowing only a bucket’s worth out of an ocean of knowledge can be a bit frustrating, but the journey to scale up that bucket is wicked cool as well.

Anyway, I’m hella motivated now. I feel like pumping out great project after great project. Motavio would be proud. He’s probably watching me right now, ready to whip me when I’m slacking off. No need for that though, I’ll learn, practice, and just like make game!

Hehe, I feel kinda nervous now, as if I’m starting something new.
~ Fang


  • 11/03/2013 (1:59 PM)

    Mark said it better than I could. It excites you now, but the true test is knowing that it still excites you after locking yourself away for weeks on end, doing nothing but game development. I once locked myself in my house and didn’t leave for a week straight. Wrote an entire novel. Afterwards… I was still itching to write. And that novel, to this day, is still one of the most impressive things I’ve ever written.

  • 11/03/2013 (12:30 PM)

    Perseverance pays off in the end.

  • 11/03/2013 (1:27 AM)

    It’s good you’re motivated and you’re feeling pretty good about your work, but you probably should be ready to dedicate large chunks of time, if not your life, to what you have planned. If it’s not something you’re willing to become a recluse for, it’s probably not the best thing for you. I say this as someone who damn near secluded themselves to write, and would do it again and have been considering it.

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